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“E*TRADE’s size makes us nimbler than our competitors. Our personal touch, positive attitudes, and open minds go a long way–both internally and externally. When we aim to please, we don’t just make it easier to do business with us, we ultimately find that others want to do business with us.”- Julie- Sr. Operations Analyst- Sandy, UT
“I love the people that I work with and the dynamic industry we are working in. My E*TRADE Customer Service colleagues appreciate each other’s contributions and will extend themselves to support their teams. They are proud of the work that they do and the accomplishments they have made, but the culture is self-less and supportive. I also love this industry. I hate to be idle, and E*TRADE employees are continuously looking for ways to improve their service and product offerings. The challenge of the work IS the benefit of the work! – Quentin- Sr. Manager, Customer Service- Alpharetta, GA
“Since joining E*TRADE, I have had the opportunity to work in four departments across three business units. E*TRADE is a place for opportunity and growth that welcomes individuals who have the drive and desire to expand their knowledge and skills. Currently, as a Senior Compliance Analyst, I serve as one of the regulatory relationship managers for the brokerage and futures business. I’m proud to work with a group of individuals who care about professional growth and development. E*TRADE employees are engaged as a result of the support and feedback we receive from skilled management.” Marlon – Sr. Compliance Analyst- Jersey City, NJ
“As a proud of the member of our Internal Communications team, I primarily focus on our retail line of businesses. Part of my responsibilities include strategizing effective and clear communication plans for our front-line associates. I also facilitate various projects end-to-end to ensure complete employee awareness. As our leadership team remains focused on transparency when communicating to their groups, I get the opportunity to support and assist them with these efforts. As a tenured E*TRADE employee of almost 13 years, I enjoy coming to work every day and I enjoy the wonderful group of people that I get to work with every day”. – Dionne, Sr. Specialist, Corporate Communications-Alpharetta, GA
“I focus mainly on Anti-Money Laundering, but also get to work on Enhanced Due Diligence. I love the work that I do, it excites me. I also love the flexibility I have been given. I am proud to have helped streamline the Enhanced Due Diligence program. I’m proud to work with a group of individuals who care about professional growth and development.” – Erica- Manager, AML- Arlington, VA
“I manage a book of our west coast corporate clients that allow me to work on special client related projects with internal business partners in consulting, product, implementation, and service. My tenure at E*TRADE has allowed me to wear many hats within Corporate Services. I found my previous experience in service and implementation was not only helpful with servicing my clients but is also an asset to my teammates. At E*TRADE, we are encouraged to speak up, think creatively, challenge the status quo, and bring in the right people at the right times to solve problems.” Andrea- Sr. Relationship Manager, Corporate Services- Menlo Park, CA